Who is Meena Harris and What is She Doing That is So Problematic?

Meena Harris holding her book, “Ambitious Girl,” written about her Aunt, Vice President Kamala Harris. Photo courtesy of Meena Harris.

Over the past couple of weeks, you may have been hearing some buzz around Vice President Kamala Harris’ niece, Meena Harris. But what could she possibly be doing that is causing the Biden Transition lawyers to get involved? Well, in short, she is creating bad PR by using her aunt’s likeness to promote her own personal brand. 

While this seems like a marketing move sent from Heaven, it is inherently problematic and unethical. Over the course of the presidential campaign, Biden and Harris criticized the entanglement of the Trump family’s business ventures with the presidency. By using her aunt to promote her brand and create trending clothing, Meena is actively working for what Biden and Harris campaigned against. 

Not only does this create bad PR for the White House, but it also has the potential to ruin the brand, Phenomenal Woman, which she is trying to promote. Before any legal team got involved, Meena was landing talk show appearances, magazine spreads and even a partnership with Beats by Dre.

But once the news was leaked that White House legal teams were getting involved with her promotional plan, her reputation changed. While her brand was once seen as being centered on family and female empowerment, it is now covered by a shadow of unethical behavior. Meena asserts that she was always planning to discontinue merchandise centered around her aunt, she is still promoting projects about the Vice President weeks later. 

— Amelia Wilt, Account Associate

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