Breaking Bonds: Friendship Troubles in PR

It isn’t a secret that PR majors make great friends. We are outgoing, driven, and full of energy that often spills into various parts of our life. However, our passion for PR and success can lead to trouble, especially when we are friends with other PR majors. Suppose your best friend lands an internship that … Continue reading Breaking Bonds: Friendship Troubles in PR

The Importance of Working Your Network

 As a pubic relations professional, no matter what stage of your career that you're in, you've likely heard a dozen times that PR is based off of relationships. Whether you're focusing on relationships with clients, coworkers or other professionals, these relationships will be the ones that make or break you.As you continue to grow in … Continue reading The Importance of Working Your Network

Stepping Away From The Screen: The Importance Of Face-to-Face PR

Technology is changing how professionals in the public relations industry communicate. While email and social media make connecting with key stakeholders more accessible, many professionals form relationships with clients without ever speaking to them in person. The disadvantage of technology is that it allows for PR professionals to hide behind their screens.  However, the best … Continue reading Stepping Away From The Screen: The Importance Of Face-to-Face PR

Consumer Engagement According to Beyoncé

(image source) It seems the battle for winner of the internet has a new victor, and unsurprisingly, it's Beyoncé, yet again. After snippets of new tracks from her recently released Platnium Edition Box set of the self-titled album (which she surprised released last winter), Beyoncé surprised us again with her music video, 7/11. Showcasing the … Continue reading Consumer Engagement According to Beyoncé

Capstone: A Survival Guide

You’ve made it through almost all of college; you’re feeling experienced and ready to take on the world. There’s only one (huge) thing standing in your way: capstone.  Capstone is the culmination of every course you’ve taken in your major.  It’s basically a test to see if you’re ready for what’s beyond the comfort of … Continue reading Capstone: A Survival Guide

Embracing the Title of “Social Media Guru”

I’ve heard it multiple times from many aspiring PR professionals. With a grimace on their face and often a caffeinated beverage in hand, numerous individuals have told me the story of their internship supervisor assigning them monthly Twitter schedules, Facebook “likes” analyses, and so on. It gets even worse. I have often heard (and even … Continue reading Embracing the Title of “Social Media Guru”

A Mid-Summer Check-In: Starting Those Fall PReparations Now

While fully entrenched in the “dog days of summer,” it can be alarming to realize to that the fall semester is rapidly approaching. Temple University’s first day is Monday, August 26 and that puts us about a month away from returning to North Philadelphia for another school year. Though it can seem tempting to put … Continue reading A Mid-Summer Check-In: Starting Those Fall PReparations Now

Email Etiquette 101

Compulsively checking your email account is one thing every PR professional can relate to. Emails are a constant form of communication and it is important to know how to efficiently write one. Below are 4 of my favorite tips for writing an exceptional email: 1. Get straight the to point. Reading more than one is … Continue reading Email Etiquette 101