Our mission is threefold: to provide clients with comprehensive PR strategies and solutions, to offer Temple Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) members the opportunity to apply their knowledge and gain experience beyond the classroom, and to build credibility while forming lasting student-client relationships.

PRowl Public Relations is Temple University’s first and only student run PR firm, which was created in Winter 2008. At PRowl Public Relations, the client comes first. Planning and strategy are our first priority when designing a campaign. Each client is provided with an account team composed of enthusiastic PR majors who are ready to put in the time and effort to ensure the best possible results.

PRowl Public Relations’ staff are trend watchers by nature. Our teams develop fresh and exciting ideas for each client based on their specific needs. As college students, we have our eyes and ears open for the PR strategies that work on campus. Account teams strive to create plans that reach out to each client’s desired target audience in the most creative and efficient way possible.

Clients can take confidence in the firm’s commitment to excellent work. PRowl Public Relations’ staff members are hired based on their enthusiasm, drive, and dedication to the firm. The members know that their experience with PRowl Public Relations will be indispensable to their futures as PR professionals.


PRowl Public Relations: Spring 2019 Staff

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PRowl Public Relations provides research services to clients, including focus group execution, surveys and interviews, campaign planning, tactic development and evaluation, and best practices reports, to ensure strategic and successful campaign execution.

Business and Strategy Development

To help our clients achieve as much success as possible through thoughtful business and strategy development, PRowl Public Relations offers services to assist with proposals, marketing and strategic plans, branding efforts, presentations, event planning, contest development and execution, and fundraising campaigns.

Content Creation 

PRowl Public Relations offers a wide range of writing services to clients, including social media strategy and content calendars, white papers and articles for both online and print. Through content strategy, we work to elevate each client’s specific brand.

Media Relations

To meet the publicity needs of our clients and secure media placement, PRowl Public Relations offers several media relations services, including news releases, media pitching, media lists, and press kits.

If you are interested in learning more about our services and rates, please email Christina Borst at prowlsecretary@gmail.com.

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How to Apply

Interested in joining PRowl? We conduct interviews at the end of the semester and are always looking for new members to hire. If you would like to be notified when interviews begin, please fill out the form below.

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