Lemon Hill Mansion

PRowl Public Relations was contracted by Lemon Hill Mansion in fall 2010 to assist with the mansion’s fall newsletter and to conduct research concerning the expansion of their website to include an educational children’s page.

The target audiences were the subscribers to the seasonal newsletter and visitors to the Lemon Hill Mansion website. The account team was responsible for writing articles and designing the layout for the fall 2010 newsletter as well as doing research about a possible children’s page on their website.

The account staff was assigned the articles to be placed in the newsletter layout by the account executive and the assistant firm director. The account was provided with a list of contacts the staff members could use as resources for their articles that were then placed in the layout created with Microsoft Publisher. Staff members were able to take a guided tour of the mansion to collect information for their articles, as well as took all photographs necessary for the newsletter on site at the mansion.

For the website research, a staff member looked at the children’s pages of other historic sites’ websites to make recommendations for the development of Lemon Hill’s page that was organized in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet complete with the findings and suggestions.

The Excel spreadsheet was submitted to the account’s main contacts, Enid and Ellie, for their future development of the website. The fall 2010 newsletter was successfully printed and distributed to more than 25,000 subscribers that were located all over the Philadelphia area, as well as statewide. After a readership survey of 2,500 subscribers, it was revealed that readership saw an increase of 12 percent.

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