Temple University’s Dept. of Advertising & Public Relations Hosts Minor Panel

On Monday, November 5, the Temple University Department of Advertising and Public Relations held a panel for students who may be interested in minors within the department. This panel discussion gave students an opportunity to listen to and participate in a conversation with four panelists about their academic and professional experiences. The discussion provided substantial insight on the opportunities, skills and valuable takeaways the four panelists have gained since including their chosen minor in their studies.

The event started off with student moderators Thatcher Williams and Emma McClain, asking panelists, Cassandra Dotts (public relations minor), Evan Goldwasser (digital media engagement minor), Olivia Rotondo (public relations minor), and Caitlin Checkett (content creation minor), why they chose their minors. The reasoning behind their answers were unanimous. Their chosen minor was something they found interesting and complementary to their major.

The panelists went in-depth about the impact their minors have had on them as students and young professionals. From their responses, students can expect to learn a multitude of skills including: strong writing, public speaking skills and savvy analytical skills. The panelists agreed learning how to integrate two areas of study into their education helps them stand out in the job market.

“I’m learning how to advertise myself to get attention from employers and showcase my skills within this minor,” Checkett explained her experience with her content creation minor.

Students learn skills that will translate into their future career paths. Goldwasser mentioned he has enhanced his online presence through the content he is producing in his classrooms, which includes podcasts and his own website. He also stated his minor helped him get Google Analytics and Ad Word certified for free.

When it was time for questions from the audience, the panelists were asked about what connections they had made with their professors in their minor. Rotondo stated her professor, David Brown, has helped her with showcasing her skills, building her portfolio, and networking. As Rotondo will be graduating in the Spring, her relationships with her professors has helped get her ready for the professional world.

The panelists also gave students who may be unsure about the stress adding a minor may induce some advice. They went on to say a minor consists of classes that count towards elective credits that have the chance to be more purposeful than random electives. Dotts included a student should not be afraid to add a minor because it is an investment into one’s future.

Overall, the panel was extremely informative and provided helpful advice and insight to students who may be interested in adding a minor within the Department of Advertising and Public Relations.

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