Personal Branding Tips for College Students

The earlier someone begins branding themselves, the better! Branding takes time. There are simple ways that college students can begin branding themselves for their futures. An effective personal brand provides peer, colleagues and potential employers with a glimpse into the future professional you strive to become. 


Blog Writing

Launching a personal blog the easiest way to begin building a brand. Blogging provides students with an outlet to express their interests and opinions. Having an organized and well maintained blog is an sure way to impress a potential internship supervisor or employer. While blog writing can be colorful and casual, it takes a lot of time. A website with consistent content shows that the person has dedication, initiative, and time management skills.

Blogging does not have to break the bank either. WordPress, Wix and Squarespace offer free user friendly website options that can be designed in minutes.


To start on your banding journey, you’ll first need a logo. Be creative, collaborative, and resourceful. Campuses are full of talented graphic designers looking for practice. Your logo helps to protect your materials, as well as create a distinguishable impression on your audience.

Major companies receive hundreds of applications, so it is important that your applications shines above the competition. There are many ways that personal branding can help you stand out during the process. First, you must get creative with your resume. Incorporate your brand’s designs, colors, and fonts. In this industry, do not be afraid to spice your resume up with an attractive accent color.

No job interview is complete without a copy of your resume. It will make or break the application. A resume shows your design skills, interests, experience, and professionalism. Resumes are the perfect place to parade your personalized logo.

Social Media

All social media platforms are branding opportunities. Not to be cliche, but everything is public. Every post affects your brand.Make sure you are active on LinkedIn and connecting with professionals in your desired field. A successful brand creates a powerful network.

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