"Everything Is Amazing, But Nobody Is Happy"

In my first class of Intro to Media Technology, I received somewhat  a “wake up call.” Our professor enlightened the class to a video discussing somethings that this generation currently takes for granted. To be more specific, it was technology. This generation is truly blessed to receive such a convenience yet people continue to complain and are never satisfied. I honestly think, with technology and this digital age society’s patience went straight out the door. We are so accustomed to getting through to to the internet in a split second that if the internet is to move slow or completely shut off people get irritated instantly.  The internet in itself is a huge benefit to most of us. So maybe we should count our blessings instead of complaining over a small hiccup that happens rarely.

If you will like to listen to the speaker’s view on this issue click here to view the video. Also, feel free to comment and share your views.

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