Brand Frenzy

Over the weekend Apple released their two new products, the iPhone 5C and 5S, in stores. Once again, there was a huge frenzy around the release. People lined up in droves just to be one of the first to own the coveted devices. While technology editors and reviewers don't seem to be as dazzled, that … Continue reading Brand Frenzy

"Everything Is Amazing, But Nobody Is Happy"

In my first class of Intro to Media Technology, I received somewhat  a "wake up call." Our professor enlightened the class to a video discussing somethings that this generation currently takes for granted. To be more specific, it was technology. This generation is truly blessed to receive such a convenience yet people continue to complain … Continue reading "Everything Is Amazing, But Nobody Is Happy"

Productivity? There’s an App for That!

This generation has been fortunate to experience all the existing technology and its perks. Many people now own smartphones, tablets and laptops and the apps created for these devices provide various resources to compliment this diverse society. Productivity is wanted by majority of persons in this fast paced world. A common goal in society is to be effective and … Continue reading Productivity? There’s an App for That!

Brand Integrity: Tumblr + Yahoo!

My personal Tumblr feed went crazy over the weekend when rumors of Yahoo! Buying the popular micro blogging site first hit the web. Monday morning, Tumblr user’s worst fears were realized and the buy became official; Yahoo! Is now the new owner of Tumblr. The deal is expected to close towards the end of 2013, … Continue reading Brand Integrity: Tumblr + Yahoo!

Introducing, Google Glass

Google seems to have struck gold again gold again with it's newest project: Google Glass. Glass is definitely Google to the next level. It offers it's users a virtual experience unlike any other by having a voice controlled computer resting on their faces as eye glasses. Yes, Google has taken the futuristic virtual experience often … Continue reading Introducing, Google Glass

Museums Receive a Social Media Makeover

I have a confession to make: I am a museum geek. Ever since I visited the Natural History Museum in Washington, D.C. for my third grade field trip, I've been hooked. Yesterday, I took a day trip to D.C., a museum-lover's paradise, and hit up a few of the free Smithsonian buildings. During my trip, … Continue reading Museums Receive a Social Media Makeover

Make Work Come to You

Recently, the need to meet face-to-face with clients has been diminishing. With businesses outsourcing left and right, it's hard to keep up with everyone, which is what brought on the need for web conferencing. No more having to fly cross country, no more lengthy business trips away from your family, and no more spending money … Continue reading Make Work Come to You

Remedies for the Common QR Code Mistakes

Times are changing and so is the way businesses are interacting with their customers. Traditional TV commercials and radio spots are still utilized by companies worldwide, however newer and more innovative mediums are growing increasingly popular. QR (Quick Response) codes, originally created in Japan to keep track of automotive parts, have become the latest trend … Continue reading Remedies for the Common QR Code Mistakes

Interning at Earth Networks-Weatherbug

When I began interning with Earth Networks – WeatherBug on May 16, 2011, I was in for a pleasant surprise. From previous experience I figured the first day at my internship would be all about adjusting, getting introduced to the people that I would be working with for two months, etc. I figured wrong. My … Continue reading Interning at Earth Networks-Weatherbug

Dropbox – The Best Collaborative Work Tool You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

We’ve all been there – the dreaded group project that required sending documents and many files back and forth over email. This is not only time consuming but can really put a damper on how the group communicates and if the group work is running efficiently. From my own experiences in group projects that required … Continue reading Dropbox – The Best Collaborative Work Tool You’ve Probably Never Heard Of