5 Experiences You Can ONLY Get In A Student Run Firm!

Student run PR firms provide students with real world experiences before many students even accept their first internships. I was lucky enough to be hired at PRowl PR my first semester at Temple, and the experience has been invaluable. With PRowl PR interviews right around the corner, it seemed appropriate to share some experiences that you can only get when you work in a student run PR firm!
  1. Gaining a personal team of editors: When the time comes to draft that perfect cover letter or phrase volunteer work correctly on the fifth draft of your resume, you fellow PR firm members will always be around to help. Whether it be professional documents or a paper for class, you’ll always have someone there to edit your writing to perfection.
  2. Meeting people who understand the concept of being busy: How many times have your non PR friends attempted to make plans, only to become frustrated at how packed your days are? Between general meetings, executive board meetings, classes, and homework, the studennt run PR firm member rarely has free time. Your fellow firm members will totally understand that, and will work to make the time that you spend getting things done as fun as possible to make up for it.
  3. Getting the low-down on the internships and jobs everyone is after: There is always one agency or organization that every PR major goes after. Since you work with the top students, the ones most likely to grab and succeed at these internships, you can find out the truth about them before stepping anywhere near an interview room! Do they really give interns major responsibilities? Will you learn things there that will be beneficial to your future? Who is really the best person to email your resume and cover letter to? Your fellow student run PR firm members will likely have these answers and more.
  4. A team of professional fashion police: When you do land that interview with the agency or organization of your dreams, it’s very likely that you will stress over what to wear to said interview. Is a suit too formal for that environment? Is a dress too casual? Your fellow firm members will be happy to receive texts with outfit options, or have you bring your top choices to the next meeting to help other members plan for interview attire. Need a blazer at the last minute? I’m sure a firm member has one you can borrow, with shoes or a tie to match!
  5. A group of friends who will become your professional network: After everyone has graduated and gone their separate ways, your fellow firm members become your professional network. You will likely reach out to them looking for information on new jobs or positions, or even for professional advice on projects you’re working on. Sooner than you think, the new younger members of the firm will be reaching out to you, in hopes that you can help them secure job opportunities and internships.
More than anything, the relationships that you build while you are in the firm, both personal and professional, will make the biggest impact on you. They will help you determine your strengths, weaknesses, and future goals.
Are you planning on interviewing for PRowl PR? Have you ever worked in a student run PR firm before? If so, what were your experiences?

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