Taking a lesson from…Netflix?

In the past couple of years, the latest addiction that so many of us have faced has been our love for instant television streaming. We binge watch our favorite shows, and countdown to when new seasons are released. Whether it’s a nice break from reality, or a way to wind down at the end of … Continue reading Taking a lesson from…Netflix?

Spring Has Sprung: The Best Ways to Take Advantage of it in Philadelphia

It is a beautiful time of year where we, as students, love to get out of our apartments to enjoy the spring weather, and what better place to do it than right here in Philadelphia! Being located right by the heart of the city is an advantage that every Philadelphian should take advantage of. There … Continue reading Spring Has Sprung: The Best Ways to Take Advantage of it in Philadelphia

Managing Your Time And Stress As The Year Wraps Up

Spring semester finals have always been rough. The weather is warming up outside, and no one has any desire to dedicate time to studying. No time spent studying means stressing over feeling unprepared for finals, which, for me means wanting to relax and just watch some Netflix. That means I’m not studying and I’m feeling … Continue reading Managing Your Time And Stress As The Year Wraps Up

Healthy Habits for the Busy Lifestyle

It’s that time of year again, when all you can hear is coughing in your large lecture class or the sneezing coming from half the cubes in your office. Everyone is getting sick and you know it’s only a matter of time until you've caught it too. While getting a cold is sometimes unavoidable, there … Continue reading Healthy Habits for the Busy Lifestyle

Cover Events Like a PRo

As the summer approaches and the opportunity to attend events widens for you, you may want to share your experience. When you present event coverage, you want to make your audience feel like they're at the event with you. Whether it's a conference, networking or special event, here are a few tips that will help … Continue reading Cover Events Like a PRo

How To Stay Sane In College

College is a busy time. You start with a full class load, add on a couple of student organizations, one or two part time jobs plus an internship and you're already overwhelmed. As a junior with all of the above, I soon realized this year would be more difficult than freshmen and sophomore year combined. … Continue reading How To Stay Sane In College

Unconventional Stress Relief Tips

     If you Google “stress relief”, thousands of articles will come up with suggestions you've been hearing from your mom since middle school: get a good night’s rest, eat healthy, etc.      However, as PR majors, our lives become so hectic, oftentimes, these helpful tips are not enough to keep a crisis at … Continue reading Unconventional Stress Relief Tips

PR: The New Orleans Style

Chaos, colors, and craziness is exactly what you expect to find on Bourbon Street in New Orleans, Louisiana. Walking down the street you are bound to find every tourist wearing colorful beads with the famous Grenade drink in their hand, and psychics promising you the details to your future.   New Orleans is known for … Continue reading PR: The New Orleans Style

How To Stay Motivated For The Spring Semester

For many PRowlers, this is their last semester of their undergraduate college career at Temple University. Senioritis may have already kicked in for some, and for others, not quite yet. All of the students who are not graduating this semester and not yet job hunting, are probably most looking forward to summer vacation; taking a … Continue reading How To Stay Motivated For The Spring Semester