What Is PR?

Just what is public relations? Sure, we discuss the topic in our classes and amongst our peers and with professionals.  There’s a dictionary definition and there’s even a definition that the Public Relations Society of America released but what does the definition of public relations mean to us individually and for those aspiring young professionals who are about to enter the workforce?
The role of public relations in businesses and organizations and the responsibilities of the practicing professionals are changing at too rapid of a rate to hold true to any written definition. The emergence of new technologies and the now required use of social media has changed the face of public relations and how practitioners do their jobs.
About a month ago, PR Newswire asked their friends and followers on their social sites to complete this sentence, “PR is___”. The organization received an overwhelming response. The responses were then compiled into an insightful infograph that can be found below.
So, what do you think? What is PR?

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