What serving has taught me about PR

As a 5 year Texas Roadhouse veteran, I frequently still work over the breaks to help with the blow of text book costs for the upcoming semester. In my experience I have noticed many similarities between the two professions with their customer focused application.
Requests from both clients and guests can be difficult but the most important thing to remember is your attitude. When you have a good attitude it is easier to work with others and be open to suggestions or concerns.  When serving you can make suggestions to customers, or “up-selling,” to make the bill larger (bigger bill = bigger tip).
In a large scale restaurant, you have to communicate to more than one person in order to complete an order; the bar, kitchen, mangers, hosts and other servers. Similar to an agency, reporting with your team is crucial to success.
PR is notorious for being a multi-tasked profession, juggling between clients, work, and every social platform known to man. When you serve in a restaurant you have to move from multiple tables to refills while running back-work to help keep the restaurant flowing.
So, through a part-time job, I have acquired skills that have helped me understand my clients’ objectives through attitude, communication and multi-tasking. 

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