Get Creative!

It is the end of the work week and everyone knows what that means; you’re spent. You are most likely tired, feeling less motivated and are dreading performing any task in which you need to think creatively.
One of the most valued aspects in PR, however, is the value of creativity. Whether you have to brainstorm a new idea for your internship or have to come up with content for a group projectyou’re your summer class, creativity is always embraced and is something that comes naturally to most people who enjoy public relations.
To help get those creative juices flowing on this dreadful Friday, here are some tips I use:
·         Switch up your daily routine – see how things can be done differently.
·         Don’t be afraid to voice your opinion – challenge yourself!
·         Think outside of the box – the less “normal” you think it is, the better.
·         Borrow an idea – take a good idea and transform it into something new to call your own.
·         Get up and walk around – leave your cubicle, desk or house and explore new sights.
How do you spark creativity?

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