Free Tools to Create an Infographic

Long gone are the days of having to be a professional designer to create or design something visual. With the advancement of technology there are various free tools and methods to assist non professionals on creating something brilliant. Nowadays, people tend to gravitate more towards visuals rather than written items or articles. With that being … Continue reading Free Tools to Create an Infographic

Taking The Creative Approach To Your Cover Letter

Is getting a new job one of your New Years' resolutions? If so, now is the time to spice up your job application materials! I believe the most important part of the job application process is your cover letter. Your cover letter is supposed to catch a prospective employer's eye, but that's easier said than … Continue reading Taking The Creative Approach To Your Cover Letter

Keeping Fundraising Fresh

Having trouble getting employees to participate in your fundraising events? While bake sales in the lunch room and casual Fridays are classic fundraising events that work on a smaller, more personal level, replacing traditional fund raising methods with fun events attracts many more participants to your cause. Keeping ideas fresh and up to date with … Continue reading Keeping Fundraising Fresh

Skills Outside of PR

I recently came across a PR Daily article that listed 9 non-PR skills that every PR professional should have. 1. Management and teamwork experience 2. Financial skills 3. Multitasking abilities 4. Extraneous knowledge 5. Math competency 6. Tenacity 7. Discretion and good judgment 8. Common sense, perception, and intuition 9. Creativity I am lucky enough to … Continue reading Skills Outside of PR

Get Creative!

It is the end of the work week and everyone knows what that means; you’re spent. You are most likely tired, feeling less motivated and are dreading performing any task in which you need to think creatively. One of the most valued aspects in PR, however, is the value of creativity. Whether you have to … Continue reading Get Creative!