The Difference Between the Three "Os"

One of the most common and widely accepted approaches for evaluating the effectiveness of communication-based activities focuses on measuring the three “Os”: outputs, outtakes and outcomes.  Measuring the effectiveness of your public awareness activities is not an exact science. However, if you build a program that measures your efforts (outputs), stakeholder awareness and knowledge (outtakes) … Continue reading The Difference Between the Three "Os"

Welcome to the 2014-2015 Executive Board!

It is hard to believe that this year is coming to an end. Over the past two semesters, I have watched the firm grow into something spectacular. There have been ups, and there have been downs but I wouldn't have it any other way. This year's e-board has been there through it all with me … Continue reading Welcome to the 2014-2015 Executive Board!

A New Twitter Is Coming!

This Tuesday, Twitter will be rolling out a new design for profile pages. If you are a Twitter addict like me, you may agree that the additions seem to be quite useful. Among the new features are the following: Best Tweets: Tweets that have received more engagement will appear slightly larger, so your best content … Continue reading A New Twitter Is Coming!

Say ‘Yes’ to the… First Job Offer?

As graduation looms, the class of 2014, along with myself, have been anxiously awaiting that "first job" offer. When that offer letter finally arrives, however, the stress and anxiety sets in. You ask yourself, "Is this the right decision?" Or, "Will I be happy at this company?" A whole series of questions and emotions will … Continue reading Say ‘Yes’ to the… First Job Offer?

The Ethics of PR and Social Media

The discussion of ethics never fails to emerge in one of my courses at least once a semester. This semester, it was brought up in my Social Media course, which is a special topics class within the public relations track here at Temple University. This course is designed to provide an understanding of social networks … Continue reading The Ethics of PR and Social Media

Tech Giants Let NSA Collect User Data

In a world where technology is king and data leak scandals are prevalent, we never truly know who could potentially collect our user data. We blindly put our trust into technology companies, whose privacy policies that we never actually read, without skipping a beat.  That is why it should be no surprise that tech giants like … Continue reading Tech Giants Let NSA Collect User Data

Ways to Improve Your Internal Communication

Public relations is the art and the science of communications. Everyday PR pros communicate in many ways to many people; yet, a forgotten aspect of this thing we call “our life’s work” is internal communications. As a current corporate communications intern at Aramark Corporation, I have discovered just how closely internal communication is tied to … Continue reading Ways to Improve Your Internal Communication

Live-Tweeting Tips

With a few national and regional conferences under my belt, I have truly embraced live-tweeting. It is a really easy way to generate meaningful content for your Twitter account - if it is done well. Be sure to keep the following tips in mind, provided by this PR Daily article, to ensure you are adding … Continue reading Live-Tweeting Tips

Event Recap: Stockton PRSSA’s #CommIn14

This past weekend I had the chance to connect with The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey’s chapter of PRSSA while attending their networking event, Communication Innovation 2014: A Puzzle Piece To Your Future. I first met Stockton PRSSA President, Siera Smith, at the PRSSA National Conference this past October. I was so excited to … Continue reading Event Recap: Stockton PRSSA’s #CommIn14

Welcome To Our New Spring 2014 Staff Members!

The semester has officially commenced! PRowl held it's first weekly meeting yesterday afternoon with many returning faces along with a few new ones. Everyone seems extremely excited to begin work with our new as well as returning clients. After such a successful meeting, I am really looking forward to a fun-filled semester. I would like … Continue reading Welcome To Our New Spring 2014 Staff Members!