Can You Survive On A Social Media Salary?

There is a new trend on Google, and it’s the keyword search for the salary of a social media manager. Your parents probably already don’t understand your career choice and just want to know that you will be able to afford to eat and to put a roof over your head. You on the otherhand just want to make sure that you can cut the chords and move out of the house and afford that closet sized apartment in the city you’ve been dreaming of.

Below is a ‘Social Media Manager Jobs Salary Guide’ that has been compiled and published by Onward Search. It lists social media job categories in addition to average salaries across the United States.

In addition to looking at position and location factors, you will also need to factor in whether you will be working for a small business or non-profit organization or whether you are willing to go corporate in order to earn more money. As highlighted by the graph, jobs in the social media scene are few and far, especially well paying ones. As aspiring professionals, it is important to diversify your experiences early on therefore making yourselves more marketable in the industry. Marketability means more money and more money means less phone calls home to mom and dad.

The question remains, can you survive on a social media salary?

3 thoughts on “Can You Survive On A Social Media Salary?

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