Five Ways to Reuse Old Content

Work smarter, not harder should always be kept in mind when creating content for your social media platforms. In 2018, there are numerous ways to produce and display content creatively across a wide span of social media platforms.

With a society full of phones buzzing with distracting notifications and the constant promise instant gratification, the human attention span has diminished significantly. Some researchers say it’s shorter than that of a goldfish. The hard work a business owner, employee, or intern puts towards writing a blog post, creating a video or designing graphics can often go to waste because social media users are now scrolling through their feeds as fast as possible, not paying attention to the content they’re being exposed to.

Re-using content is not a cheap or lazy way of advertising, it’s smart. You can reach a wider audience, maximize the value of effort put towards your product and improve your SEO without wasting time or money.


  1. Cut Clips

If you’re using video to advertise your brand or product, maximize your efforts by only using the best shots of a previous video on various social media accounts. Shorter clips get more coverage because audiences will pay attention to the entire video. Highlighting the best parts of video will not only emphasize the important parts of your brand, but also advertise more effectively. The best parts of past videos will grab your audience’s attention quicker and engage them more across Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

  1. Turn Old Blogs into Podcasts

Want to repurpose an old blog? Podcasts are the perfect way to spread your content to a wider audience. We live in such a fast paced world that people don’t always have time sit and scroll through blog posts. Use your voice and minimal technology to get people listening to what you or your brand has to offer. Podcasts are a fresh way to spread your message without having to think of new content because you already have the content. Podcasts can generate more reach, as more viewers will be intrigued to listen (instead of read) to what you have to say because all they have to do is press play.

  1. Plan Ahead

When you create new content, think of ways that a blog, video or even photo can be reused. You can save a lot of money if you create content with the purpose of rearranging and reusing it in different way. Try listing out the possible ways you can advertise your brand in the most effective way before jumping into a post right away. By simply taking a few seconds to figure out ways to maximize your content, you could potentially save time and money.  

  1. Re-voice Your Message

Setting a new focus to an old blog or video can grab the attention of a wider variety of people and reach a whole new crowd. By taking out the voiceover on a video or rewording a blog, you can expand your reach to new audiences in more ways than originally planned. You can re-voice a video clip by adding new language, showing off a different feature or service of your brand or phrasing the context in a better way.

  1. Turn Content in a Questionnaire

Using an old blog or file into an interactive questionnaire increases the chances of viewers staying engaged. Use software like Outgrow to develop a creative and insightful quiz to inform your client in an effective way. A quiz will grab reader’s attention and make the process of viewing your company’s content more personalized. Readers will feel like their participation matters if there are individual questions for them to answer.

Repurposing content is all about efficiency, creating your brand, and increasing conversations. So many social media users forget that this is a vital tool to getting the most out of their effort, time, and money.


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