Spotify Stays Creative with Statement after WWDC

On Monday, Apple announced at the Apple Worldwide Development Conference that it would be stepping back into the music scene. Not as far back as the days of Limewire, but not as recently as Touch Tunes, Apple did play a major role in the way that downloading music has developed. Apple Music is the company’s new music service that ultimately serves the same needs as Spotify, iTunes, and Pandora.

Innovations like these in the business world affect marketers because it immediately means competitors. Before announcing the big idea, Apple’s communications team had to research and strategically plan how it would compare to the leading streaming services for music.

Spotify Chief Executive Officer, Daniel Ek, did not have much to say about the announcement initially, sharing only two words via Twitter:

Since then, Spotify posted a statement on their website sharing powerful statistics that they have reached 20 million paying subscribers. Not to mention, 75 million active streaming users. Basically – hey Apple, this is what we’re working with – Spotify is getting personal with their audience and spreading the love to their fanbase in case they were thinking about turning.

In the statement, “The Spotify Team” include graphs to give users the inside scoop on how the numbers work behind the scenes. This type of reference makes the public think that Spotify thinks we are important even to know ourselves!

You haven’t even heard the best part yet – as per any occasion, Spotify has come through and made us a playlist. “20 Million Thank Yous” is 17 popular, upbeat, happy-go-lucky songs, ranging from Zedd to Queen. It was a great idea for Spotify to take a creative approach when addressing the announcement of Apple Music. Spotify doesn’t have to act or innovate now, but the PR team has to plan one way for the brand to publicly say something.

I decided to put “20 Million Thank Yous” on while I wrote this post. I couldn’t be happier I did.

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