How Taylor Swift and Apple Both Came Out on Top

This past week has been a long back and forth between pop-star Taylor Swift and major music mogul, Apple Inc. It appeared to be the clash of the ages, beginning with Swift posting an open letter to Apple on her Tumblr account on June 21. In the letter, Swift explained she will not be supporting … Continue reading How Taylor Swift and Apple Both Came Out on Top

Spotify Stays Creative with Statement after WWDC

On Monday, Apple announced at the Apple Worldwide Development Conference that it would be stepping back into the music scene. Not as far back as the days of Limewire, but not as recently as Touch Tunes, Apple did play a major role in the way that downloading music has developed. Apple Music is the company's … Continue reading Spotify Stays Creative with Statement after WWDC

The Apple Watch

No matter your opinions on the new Apple Watch, the simple fact of the matter is that you have heard of it. Anyone that is even somewhat remotely active on social media or catching their news online has probably heard news about the new Apple Watch from someone, whether their comments were positive or negative. … Continue reading The Apple Watch

U2 on Ur IPhone

Some of you iPhone addicts may have noticed a new addition to your library early Friday morning.  The band, U2, released it's first album in five years...for free...through a partnership with Apple.  Apple does confirm that they paid band members, though the amount has not yet been released.  According to Daily Mail, there have been … Continue reading U2 on Ur IPhone

Strategic Planning: Apple Inc. Event

What you will find interesting about this post is that I am not writing about what Apple has released today. That, I am not certain of. But when large companies release major news after a major lead-up - it's a great opportunity to analyze it from the PR prospective. Each year, consumers anticipate Apple's announcement … Continue reading Strategic Planning: Apple Inc. Event

Top 10 "Best" Brands

What goes into considering a brand the "best?" Is it their product/service, customer service, or social value? When either beginning to frame your brand or spruce it up with a re-branding, it's important to understand what the brand means to you. All decisions for the brand should be based on allowing the audience to clearly … Continue reading Top 10 "Best" Brands

Apple Vice President of Worldwide Corporate Communications Retires After 20 Years

On Wednesday, Katie Cotton announced that she would be stepping down from her position at Apple to spend more time with her children. During her nearly two decades at Apple, Cotton served as gatekeeper to company co-founder Steve Jobs and current CEO Tim Cook.  She also guided the media narrative around almost everything from the … Continue reading Apple Vice President of Worldwide Corporate Communications Retires After 20 Years

Tech Giants Let NSA Collect User Data

In a world where technology is king and data leak scandals are prevalent, we never truly know who could potentially collect our user data. We blindly put our trust into technology companies, whose privacy policies that we never actually read, without skipping a beat.  That is why it should be no surprise that tech giants like … Continue reading Tech Giants Let NSA Collect User Data

Brand Frenzy

Over the weekend Apple released their two new products, the iPhone 5C and 5S, in stores. Once again, there was a huge frenzy around the release. People lined up in droves just to be one of the first to own the coveted devices. While technology editors and reviewers don't seem to be as dazzled, that … Continue reading Brand Frenzy

It’s Official – Everyone Loves An iPhone!

For any aspiring Public Relations professional, owning a smart phone is a necessity. Public Relations work never ceases to end so being able to be available 24/7 is a must. As a previous dedicated BlackBerry user turned iPhone lover, I was thrilled to find out that the world really does love Apple. RIM? Not so … Continue reading It’s Official – Everyone Loves An iPhone!