Exploring Atlanta During PRSSA National Conference

In case you haven’t heard, the 2015 PRSSA National Conference will be in Atlanta this November. For us in the Philadelphia region, it is more than just a Mega Bus ride away, but still a doable distance. I highly suggest trying to fit National Conference into your fall semester budget, especially for seniors. Not only will it be extremely beneficial to your professional life, but Atlanta is an awesome city. Below are some pretty neat things to check out in the ATL while you’re not handing out business cards and networking with professionals.

1. Piedmont Park – Even though winter coats will be in full effect in Philadelphia in November, the weather in Atlanta will still be nice. This is a perfect spot to relax, hang out during down time, and capture a great Instagram picture.

2. BBQ- Being the foodie I am, a bunch of different sites have said to not miss out on some BBQ while in the South. Some of the top recommended restaurants are Heirloom BBQ, Fox Bros. BBQ, and Community Q BBQ. Apparently, it would be a sin to not get a side of mac and cheese too.

3. Inside CNN Tour- This is not only on all lists to do while visiting Atlanta, but we all know media is a huge part of our field. This would have to be something most likely planned out in advance because of how often it sells out. I think crossing this off the list is definitely doable over the five days there.

4. The Varsity – This is the world’s oldest drive in restaurant. Eating meals during Conference will not always be the top priority, so why not treat yourself with something fun and easy. Reviews say it is some of the best grease out there and are known the most for a Frosted Orange.

5. Centennial Olympic Park – Created for the 1996 Olympic games, this park is still in business. Conference will have us constantly on the move in between sessions, so why not grab a meal to go and hang out here. This is also another sweet spot for a skyline photo.

The list of attractions and restaurants in Atlanta goes on and on, but these are five things I think can definitely be accomplished during the span we are visiting for Conference. Let the countdown begin!

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