T-Mobile’s Brilliant Kampaign

Say what you want about the Kardashian clan, but you can’t deny that T-Mobile’s recent campaign featuring family front man Kim Kardashian West is ingenious. If you haven’t seen the commercial just yet, take a moment to check it out now. If you have seen it, watch it again because it’s hilarious.

What worked best is that instead of attempting to mold her into a new character, they used her just as she comes. Let’s face it, she’s not an actress and probably wouldn’t have been able to pull off a campaign like Rob Lowe’s recent string of DirectTV commercials. She’s also been criticized before for having a flat, and almost unapproachable, affect which T-Mobile used  to their advantage. By having Kim poke fun at herself, she not only became approachable and relatable, but funny too!

T-Mobile has also taken this commercial a step farther by creating an entire social media campaign around it. You can now visit kimsdatastash.com to connect with her on social media, view a lesson in how to take the perfect selfie and share your shameless snaps with an entire online community using #KimsDataStash. And let’s not forget the whole purpose of all this: to promote T-Mobile’s new rollover data policy so that you can share all the selfies you want! Brilliant.

This post was written by Assistant Firm Director, Jordan Washington. Follow her on Twitter here.

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