What is Your Interview Body Language Saying?

Interviews can be a stressful ordeal. It feels like everything from the experience on your resume to your interview outfit are being scrutinized and evaluated. And often, interviewers really are looking at ever little detail. But one of the biggest communicators during an interview may be something that isn’t said at all. Your body language often communicates much more than anything you may say. Check out these body language mistakes to see what message you might be communicating in an interview.
  • Posture. Your posture actually says quite a lot. Leaning forward comes off as aggressive while sitting back seems lazy or arrogant. Thankfully there is a happy middle, literally. Sitting up tall in a more neutral position, while it may not feel the most natural, is the ideal posture to impress your interviewer.
  • Hands. Not knowing what to do with your hands is often people’s biggest downfalls in interviews. Refrain from leaving them in your pockets or behind your back, making you look stiff and unapproachable. Instead, gesture with them in a natural and conversational way to reinforce what you are actually saying.
  • Eyes. Eye contact is particularly important but can be tricky. Distracted eye movements often make it seem like someone isn’t being truthful but staring comes off as aggressive and uncomfortable. Instead, make natural eye contact and avoid quick shifts in eye movements like looking down or away suddenly.
  • Hair. Playing with your hair is a common and unconscious thing that many women do. Whether it’s a nervous tick or a distraction, it often comes off as unprofessional. The best way to avoid this diversion is to simply wear your hair back for your interview.

A surefire way to know if you are making any of these mistakes is to practice! By video recording a mock interview and reviewing it, you can see how your body language is coming across. Don’t let the great things you’re saying be overshadowed by the messages your body language is conveying.

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