Snapchat: The Official Sponsor of #NYFW15

If you aren't aware or have refused to hop on the bandwagon, Snapchat is a mobile app a bit over a year old that allows users to post quick pictures and videos that disappear after designated amount of time as opposed to being stored. While it was fairly popular upon its launch, the introduction of … Continue reading Snapchat: The Official Sponsor of #NYFW15

T-Mobile’s Brilliant Kampaign

Say what you want about the Kardashian clan, but you can't deny that T-Mobile's recent campaign featuring family front man Kim Kardashian West is ingenious. If you haven't seen the commercial just yet, take a moment to check it out now. If you have seen it, watch it again because it's hilarious. What worked best … Continue reading T-Mobile’s Brilliant Kampaign

Burnout Season

If you're anything like me, finals season can be quickly followed up by burnout season. After the end of a long and taxing semester it's easy to still feel wound up, stressed out, and overall exhausted. After all, if you're interning, freelancing, or on an executive board for an organization at your school you know … Continue reading Burnout Season

Ed Trayes Photography Pop-Up Exhibition

The holiday season is no longer "quickly approaching," we're in the midst of it right now! People are bustling from shop to online shop looking for the perfect gifts for their friends and family. However, what about a gift that gives back? A Temple University School of Media and Communications (SMC) professor is way ahead of … Continue reading Ed Trayes Photography Pop-Up Exhibition

Interview Moves (Like Jagger)

Winter break is quickly approaching and with it comes prime job hunting time.When it comes to the interview, we've had posts on how to land one, proper attire, and even informational interviews. However, we haven't given as much attention to the body language we use. We know that body language speaks just as loudly as … Continue reading Interview Moves (Like Jagger)

Big, Over-Protective Brother

Whenever someone is the victim of suicide, family and friends often wonder if there were warning signs that could have helped them prevent such a tragedy. One of the first places people check are their social networks. Did they write an ominous status on Facebook? Have they been tweeting sad song lyrics for the past … Continue reading Big, Over-Protective Brother

It’s Weird That I’m Professional?

Because the public relations industry is slowly becoming synonymous with social media, we've been asked to "grow up" a little faster than our peers might have to. Our Twitter accounts have been spotless for years and Facebooks wiped clean, while our friends still post drinking pictures every weekend. I'll be the first to admit that … Continue reading It’s Weird That I’m Professional?

How #PRSSANC Eased My First Job Fears

I would be lying if I said the thought of the upcoming job hunt season didn't seem like a daunting task. Luckily for me, according to US News, the job outlook for this year's college graduates is looking great. Those statistics coupled with what I took away from the "First Job Survival Guide" session have … Continue reading How #PRSSANC Eased My First Job Fears