So Hard to Say Goodbye

Since its inception in 2008, PRowl Public Relations has been comprised of intrinsically-driven students who have a passion for learning and practicing public relations. The growing firm has worked with five professional clients this year including returning clients the Department of Strategic Communication, TUTV (Temple University Television), University Communication and new clients Pennsylvania Innocence Project and the Department of Journalism. 
Over the past year I have learned more about leadership, development and strategic communication than I ever thought through leading PRowl Public Relations as Firm Director. To work with a group of individuals who WANT to be working on their professional development has truly been an honor and a privilege.
As my last week as Firm Director I would like to say thank you to a number of great members of PRowl. PRowl’s faculty advisor, Gregg Feistman has been the glue and nails since founder and first Firm Director, Natalie Prazenicka, brought the idea to him as an independent study. Thank you Gregg for everything you have helped me through, your professionalism and experience have been so insightful.
To the Executive Board including Kaitlyn Sutton (PRowl’s next firm director), Marianna Morris, Amber Burns, Cori Shearer and Alison Curran thank you for being an exceptional support taking leads on firm projects and being active leaders in your accounts.
Finally, to the staff of PRowl Public Relations thank you for your dedication and hard work to the firm. You are the lungs of PRowl, without you we couldn’t breathe and grow.  

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