From Drab to Fab

We are all guilty of relying on powerpoint to get a through a presentation. It is seen as a comfort; somewhere we can turn to when we are getting lost on a presentation. But sometimes we get too comfortable and start reading right from the slides rather than interacting with our audience. But have you ever looked into other ways of presenting your information? The following sites are not only more creative but will give your presentation that extra flare it needs.
1. PreZentit: Using this site creates a presentation online that you can then convert to a regular powerpoint format. This takes all the tools from online databases that can then be used without an internet connection.
2. Prezi: This website allows users to turn your boring powerpoint slides into a 3D experience.
3. Brainshark: With this site all you need to do is upload your original powerpoint and it will convert your slides into a online video.
4. Vuvox: This site allows people to blend pictures, audio and videos to create a personalized story.
5. Flair: It may not be free but it is worth the payment. The features help create flashy presentations with the combination of audio, videos and fancy text.
Presentation tools are supposed to help tell the story, and you want to tell a story people will be interested in hearing about. These tools will help transform your presentation abilities. No longer will you rely on a standard powerpoint presentation for class to get you through the assignment. Using these interactive sites will help bring your presentation to life and let you tell the story rather than reading from the board.

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