So Hard to Say Goodbye

Since its inception in 2008, PRowl Public Relations has been comprised of intrinsically-driven students who have a passion for learning and practicing public relations. The growing firm has worked with five professional clients this year including returning clients the Department of Strategic Communication, TUTV (Temple University Television), University Communication and new clients Pennsylvania Innocence Project … Continue reading So Hard to Say Goodbye

Traveling with Social Media

Last week I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to Lake Havasu, Arizona, the second largest spot for spring breakers. Along my travels I noticed more and more QR codes and commands from social media, like us on this or follow us on that. Does it help the travelers experience if they abide by social … Continue reading Traveling with Social Media

Now that’s Pinteresting!

In 2012 Pinterest exploded by the millions after two underground years and has since been added to big social media names Facebook and Twitter. Tuesday, Pinterest released their in-house analytics to help brands better know their audience on the site. In November of last year, Pinterest formally introduced business pages however many brands had already … Continue reading Now that’s Pinteresting!

Feed me Flyers!

Sunday I worked my second Flyers Wives For Lives Carnival and this year I had a new perspective as a volunteer selling out 4,000 Mystery Bags.  Flyers Charities did a great job organizing and informing hundreds of much needed volunteers showing how a small organization can run a successful event raising over one million dollars … Continue reading Feed me Flyers!

Get a Job with LinkedIn

As nervous May grads scramble to secure a job after graduation, students may be overlooking an easily customizable option for job searching, LinkedIn.  After hearing from PRSSA’s young alumni panel and the vast consensus over the many job advantages LinkedIn offers, I began to explore the various ways to network on LinkedIn and most importantly, … Continue reading Get a Job with LinkedIn

Social Media Yields Results

For brands that use social media, does it work? Does one brands engagement on Faceboook or Twitter make you want to buy one product over another. Short answer, yes. J.D. Power and Associates reported in a new study with over 20,000 online consumers, 87 percent indicate that the online social interaction with the company positively … Continue reading Social Media Yields Results

A Digital Assessment with Adam Kmiec: #GoneGlobalRC13

Seven of us were up bright and early (coffee in hand) Saturday morning excited for our three hour journey to  Penn State’s Regional Conference. With no troubles we made it up the mountain(s) just in time for the conference’s key note speaker, Adam Kmiec, Global Director of Digital & Social Media at Campbell Soup Company. … Continue reading A Digital Assessment with Adam Kmiec: #GoneGlobalRC13

Oreo Steals the Spotlight in a Power Outage

Taking advantage of an unfortunate power outage that delayed the most watched event for 34 minutes, Oreo’s impeccable timing shows you don’t have to pay millions of dollar to be noticed during the Super Bowl.   Twitter was overwhelmed with followers asking questions about the ill-timed power outage at Super Bowl XLVII on Sunday. While … Continue reading Oreo Steals the Spotlight in a Power Outage

Down with Debt

How would you like $20,000 toward your student loans?   According to CNN Money, the average student loan debt is $30,000  for graduates of Pennsylvania Universities.   In an effort to encourage students to start saving money and pay back their student debt faster, MassMutual Financial Group introduced their new Facebook campaign, “Down with Debt” … Continue reading Down with Debt

Meet PRowl’s Newest Members

PRowl is pleased to hire nine new members for their 2013 semester. Read below and get to know our new members! Jess Mancuso Jess is a sophomore at Temple University with a major in Public Relations and a minor in General Business Studies.  Jess loves public relations and is very excited to enhance her experience … Continue reading Meet PRowl’s Newest Members