The End of an Era

Never in Catholic history has there been a pope resign from their position, but that time has now come to an end. Just weeks ago, Pope Benedict XVI issued a statement announcing his resignation. This took not just those in the Catholic religion by storm, but everyone worldwide.
 Pope Benedict has made the tough decision to leave his role and focus on his ailing health. But what will happen now that he has left this role? Even though he will no longer be representing the Catholic community as the pope, he will still be addressed by people as his “holiness” and carry out the name, Benedict XVI.
After leaving the Vatican, Benedict will reside in the Mater Ecclesiae, which is located within the Vatican gardens. Even though he will no longer reside in the Vatican, this location will still provide views the former pope once used to see when living in the Vatican.
On Thursday at 8pm in Rome, the pope will make his final departure and begin his life of prayer and live in solitude for some time. The council has already begun to nominate names that they believe will make an excellent pope. The council, however, is being extra cautious as to whom they nominate because they don’t want the next pope to resign.

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