Who Run the Social Media? Girls.

Social media sites are constantly changing and constantly growing. As new sites are developed, women set the pace for the popularity the site will gain. More women over men tend to not only try out new social media site, but also become regular visitors. When it comes to the variety of social media sites, women … Continue reading Who Run the Social Media? Girls.

Twitter: Then and Now

What has Twitter become today? A site that started out as just another place to post ideas and thoughts has evolved into something so much more. Twitter has evolved into a resource that many corporations use. This involvement is not solely on company promotion, but job application as well. Yes, that is correct, Twitter has … Continue reading Twitter: Then and Now

The Powers of Twitter

Flights get delayed all the time. There really is not a problem with missing your flight, but when airlines are not accommodating and disrespectful to travelers, a major issue can become known.   On a recent trip home, I missed my connecting flight.  Stranded at the airport with no means of communication to contact those … Continue reading The Powers of Twitter

Got Professionalism?

We all write emails, sometimes multiple times a day, but how much effort is put into the emails we write? Even the simplest emails should be given the utmost time and attention. It is important to always appear professional and take the time to construct every email you write. If you follow these simple tips, you will … Continue reading Got Professionalism?

Don’t Be Another Victim of Twitter Hackings

Twitter hackings are becoming a more common thing. Major corporations have been subject to this type of incidents. Twitter information spreads quickly and once the information is out there, it is hard to retract it. Someone somewhere has seen the tweet and there is no going back from there. But the follow tips are sure … Continue reading Don’t Be Another Victim of Twitter Hackings

Public Speaking Isn’t All That Bad

Public speaking is an art. And this art can take many years to master. For some, public speaking comes naturally, but not so much for others. Most people have a fear of public speaking and this can severely affect their speech. But fear no more because these following tips will help you become a highly … Continue reading Public Speaking Isn’t All That Bad