Get a Job with LinkedIn

As nervous May grads scramble to secure a job after graduation, students may be overlooking an easily customizable option for job searching, LinkedIn.  After hearing from PRSSA’s young alumni panel and the vast consensus over the many job advantages LinkedIn offers, I began to explore the various ways to network on LinkedIn and most importantly, find a job.  To effectively use your LinkedIn account to find a job, follow these tips to give you an edge.

Simple Words-  When creating your profile try using simple words that also describe what you want to do for a future career. For example PR Practitioner is better than Spin Doctor (obviously).

Join groups- Like many social media sites, LinkedIn allows you to join groups. Through groups such as PRSSA and other national recognized organizations, you are able to network and easily connect with successful professionals.

Customize your invites- The automatic message LinkedIn created is lazy. When you invite someone to join your network customize how you know the individual and why it would be a privilege to have them join your connections.
Pay attention to your connections- Follow your connections and their activity. Congratulate the user if he/she has been promoted or has a publicized accomplishment and even a simple comment on article posted can go a long way.  

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