Trends affecting the PR Field

In recent years, PR departments have had to make a concerted effort to remain relevant within an organizations. Many times, the PR department is the first to go during cutbacks. Especially now, with the influx of bloggers and social media, it is harder than ever to show senior level execs why you are still an important asset to the company. Below are a few reasons why PR departments may be facing cutbacks:

  • The Internet is killing the “expert”: In the past, citing experts in press releases and other materials has gained leverage on the side of the PR department. However, now that Facebook and Twitter are often the main sources of information for people, “experts” can be found everywhere. The term “expert” is meaning less every year. Who is to say that one person is or is not an expert? Information and knowledge evolves, and some experts even feel uncomfortable with their title for the same reason.
  • Consumers are growing skeptical of statistics: Undoubtedly you have seen infographics created by brands, illustrating statistics in their favor. These statistics are created to start buzz and position brands as leaders in the field. The problem with this is that consumers are experiencing information overload. As a result, people often brush of these statistics that originally brought more attention.
  • Content curation puts the success of a brand into the hands of the consumer: When you are talking to a client or your execs about a PR campaign, many times they won’t understand how much really goes into a campaign. One of the most important goals in such a campaign are to get consumers to share your brand and its message. In this sense, success is really in the hands of the consumer and their own opinions, which is out of the hands of the PR team.

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