PRowl 4 Lyfe

The time has come for me to write my last PRowl blog post. Over 100 blog posts later, I feel different than I did as a freshman PRowl staff member, nervous about writing the wrong things or looking inexperienced compared to the rest of the more experienced staff. Back in May of 2011 I became … Continue reading PRowl 4 Lyfe

Choosing the Right Client

Here at PRowl, we choose our clients just like any other firm does. We initially correspond via email, and then set up a meeting to talk about working together, what the client wants, and what we can do for them. It's important to have these meetings, because you learn what you can and cannot do … Continue reading Choosing the Right Client

What Does Non-Profit Healthcare PR Mean?

As PR student and a member of two of Temple's largest PR organizations, I've heard of many of the different areas of PR one can get into: sports, lifestyle, fashion, non-profit, corporate, etc. One that I haven't heard very often is non-profit health care. For the past three years I have played with the idea … Continue reading What Does Non-Profit Healthcare PR Mean?

An Afternoon With NBC-10

As I previously mentioned, I attended PPRA's Careers 101 event a few weeks back. During a raffle, my name was called for a "Networking Session with Adam Dvorin." I expected to grab a cup of coffee and have a chat with Adam, but instead he set up a tour with Denise Nakano of NBC-10 for … Continue reading An Afternoon With NBC-10

On Managing Expectations

Two weeks ago I attended PPRA’s Careers 101 event. One of the topics the panel discussed was managing expectations. In other words, when you are working with a client, it is important to make your (and your client’s) expectations clear. I thought that was a great tip, because I see it happen every day, even … Continue reading On Managing Expectations

Cat Got Your Tongue?

Have you ever had a speaking engagement that you practiced for, day after day, until you had it memorized verbatim? Ever find yourself stumbling over those same words once you were in front of an audience? Guilty. Here at Temple, StratComm majors are required to take a public speaking course. But one course won't eliminate … Continue reading Cat Got Your Tongue?

Brands for Equality

No doubt most of you have seen the avatar changes on your Facebook and Twitter to the universal sign for equality. Of course, brands took notice too. The viral spread of the equality sign came during the Supreme Court's review of California's Proposition 8 and the Defense of Marriage Act, an important step for gay … Continue reading Brands for Equality

Editorial Calendar Basics

Editorial calendars are a GREAT resource for PR pros. An editorial calendar is a calendar that magazines, some newspapers and publications use to schedule what topics they will be covering during what day, week, or month. For example, if you are the PR coordinator for an organic beauty company, you can use Cosmopolitan Magazine's editorial … Continue reading Editorial Calendar Basics

For First Time Since 9/11, TSA Allows Knives

When 9/11 happened, the Transportation Security Administration cracked down on airline security. Liquids were regulated, and even small pocket knives were confiscated. Recently, the TSA has started to loosen it's grip a bit. For the first time in over 11 years, the TSA is allowing knives on flights. According to the TSA, "knives permitted under … Continue reading For First Time Since 9/11, TSA Allows Knives