Disconnected at Conference

No tweeting, no posting, and no checking email; that’s how my weekend at conference began after my phone was stolen. As an aspiring public relations professional and National PRSSA conference attendee, you would think this was an earth shattering experience – wrong! I found I was a lot more focused and engaged and was able to make more meaningful connections.

For example, have you ever noticed how we are generally so busy Instagramming a photo, checking in, posting and tweeting that we become mentally absent? Put down the phone, and engage in the moment. As public relations majors and professionals, communication is our craft. Half of the art involves active listening. If we are so busy ‘connecting’ with others via social channels and nose deep into our phones, how can we be fully listening?

From now on, I vow to make a more conscientious effort to ‘disconnect’ and to engage with those around me, I dare you to try to as well! I found a blog that highlighted a few fun ways to ‘disconnect’, find them here: http://sparkyfirepants.com/surefire-methods-disconnect-from-social-media/

Have you noticed that you have trouble ‘disconnecting’? If so, what steps are taking in order to be more present in the moment?


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