Social Media and its Role in the #Aurora Shooting

Many of you have probably heard about the shooting in an Aurora, Colorado movie theater during the premiere of “The Dark Knight Rises” on Friday. 12 people were killed and 58 injured in what is now the largest mass shooting in history. 

Traditionally, people have looked to the radio, television and newspapers for the latest news. Within the last couple of years, social media has taken its place as the single quickest way to receive news. Prior to the shooting, Jessica Redfield, an aspiring journalist and avid hockey blogger, tweeted her excitement about the movie. In an unusual turn of events, Redfield was at the Toronto shooting in June and was a casualty of Friday’s shooting. Redfield was not the only one connected via Twitter. 
During and after the shooting, people inside and outside of the theater tweeted about the shooting. Some tweeted about seeing the victims, others gave their best wishes to those who were affected. Following the shooting, #Aurora, #theatershooting and #Batman were trending. The actors of “The Dark Knight Rises” also expressed their sympathy alongside President Obama, who has flown to Aurora, Colorado to visit the victims. Christian Bale, who plays Batman in the franchise had the following to say:
“Words cannot express the horror that I feel,” said Bale in a statement. “I cannot begin to truly understand the pain and grief of the victims and their loved ones, but my heart goes out to them.”
Following the tragedy, people around the world remain connected via social media for the latest developments on the condition of the victims, as well as the beginning of a long path to determining the motive of James Holmes, the man responsible for the Aurora shooting. 

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