Pink Sands…Oh My

Everyday, I find a new item, place, company I think it would be fun to do PR for. Today, I have decided I want to do PR for a resort/hotel.

As i researched for my cruise to Bermuda this coming weekend, I came across a website for Nine Beaches Bermuda Resort. Nice hotel. Lots of activities, lots of things going on. After browsing the site, I decided to click on the press link. How fun, I decided; combining my passion PR with another passion traveling and the beach.

I learned that a woman named Priscilla Caldwell of Madigan Pratt & Associates is the resorts’ PR representative. The firm calls itself ‘Hospitality Marketing.’ Hm, sounds interesting, right?

The site has a list of press releases about the resort, a fact sheet, and a photo gallery in the ‘press’ section.

I eagerly browsed through the site, thinking that maybe one day I can visit a resort in some tropical paradise and then use my strategic and creative skills to brand them and promote them to the general public.

Just another career opportunity in the wonderful world of public relations.

1 thought on “Pink Sands…Oh My

  1. Hi, Jessica. It is a wonderful world — public relations, that is. Especially in hospitality, travel and tourism. You should consider this sector. And, I do love my job! The people are super smart, fun and full of integrity. Most importantly, I dedicate myself everyday to advancing our clients, our company, myself, the local PR community and the PR profession. Best wishes in your endeavors. –Priscilla

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