The Queen’s English

A few days ago, I had the pleasure of hosting a student from England for a night, and in his honor my housemates and I threw a small party. Unfortunately for us, a few of the people that came managed to fulfill every negative stereotype that I think Europeans have of Americans, within about the … Continue reading The Queen’s English

Communicating Abroad

The summer is officially in swing, vacations have been planned, study abroad semesters have started, and you might soon find yourself in international waters. Though time abroad should be spent enjoying and embedding oneself in a new culture, it is also a great opportunity to network with people who work in different cultural environments who … Continue reading Communicating Abroad

Tourism PR: Cities Need PR Too

When you think about public relations, a lot of areas come to mind like agency, entertainment, and event planning. One industry that you may not think of is tourism PR. It was not until after my study abroad experience that I began to consider this as a viable field I wanted to pursue. It combined … Continue reading Tourism PR: Cities Need PR Too

Museums at #PRSSANC

This weekend, PRowl traveled to Washington, D.C. for the 2014 National PRSSA Conference. Starting yesterday, PRowl is recapping some of the sessions, insights, and stories shared during the conference in our country's capital. My favorite session of the weekend was A Monumental View: What It Takes To Work in Museums and Public Places. Museums and … Continue reading Museums at #PRSSANC

Los Angeles: The City of Dreams, Hope and The Ultimate Facade

Whether looking to make it big, meet the most famous celebrities or vacation on the beautiful West Coast beaches, Los Angeles has been a prime destination for young faces to find a home for a week or for life. For over a hundred years LA has been known as the hometown of the rich and … Continue reading Los Angeles: The City of Dreams, Hope and The Ultimate Facade

PR In The Eternal City

This summer, while studying abroad at Temple Rome I found a small cafe in the heart of the city. Everyday I watched countless Roman businessmen and women trickle in and out of the café at lunchtime. After seeing these professionals day after day, I began to wonder: what is modern public relations like in the … Continue reading PR In The Eternal City

Studying Abroad in Public Relations

Today, I landed in Barcelona, Spain, to kick-off a summer of interning in international public relations. Obviously, being in a different country on a different continent from what I’m used to, things here are a bit weird to me. But, you have to understand that our world is a big place, and people are raised … Continue reading Studying Abroad in Public Relations

Vacationing in Pakistan

Terrorists. Drone strikes. Al-Qaida. These are some of things that may come to mind when you hear the name Pakistan, but what about food, scenery, and ancient ruins? My family is from Pakistan and I’ve been there to visit almost every year. The first thing I can tell you is that you’ll never find better … Continue reading Vacationing in Pakistan