Tip of the Day

The importance of RESEARCH!

Just as if you were going to write a paper, you need to research information beforehand. The ability to research is an essential and very necessary skill you must have as a public relations person. Before any action or plan can begin, you need to research and gather information about the company, event or person you are dealing with. Being prepared and knowledgeable is always beneficial. However, there are many different types of research, all of which are used to accomplish various tasks or objectives.

Some great research outlets include:

One of the largest search engines, Google is a great way to start the
research process, it can lead you to a endless amount of websites and information.

Lexis Nexis
A database which contains articles from over 125 magazines, newspapers, and news services.

Dow Jones News
A virtually up to the second collection of business news, economic indicators and market data. Also includes about 45 million documents from 3,000 business and financial publications.

Interviews/Focus Groups
Talk one-on-one for personal accounts or in a group to get a better idea of people’s thoughts. Focus groups can help target audiences, test messages, explore consumer attitudes or for evaluation purposes.

The Library
The Library, is a great way to research. Just beware, books and certain print publications are not always as up to date as Internet and online outlets tend to be.

Remember these are just a few ways to go about the research process. Research is extremely helpful as well as beneficial in the public relations world, especially with investigating and learning about your client beforehand. Always keep educating yourself, learning more can only help you later on.

Some information from:
“Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics” 8th edition
D. Wilcox; G. Cameron; P. Ault; W. Agee

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