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Going into public relations and have no idea what you can do when you graduate? There are many different fields that public relations practitioners can get involved in. All organizations need someone to communicate with their publics. A few of the areas of public relations include:

In corporations, a PR practitioner’s work includes protecting and enhancing a company’s reputation, providing information to your publics, including stockholders and other users of financial statements, and employees.

Nonprofit Organizations
These organizations can be very diverse in their services. Fund-raising and community relations are a big part of public relations in a nonprofit organization.

Entertainment, Sports, and Travel
This category probably encompasses what comes to mind when you think of “publicist.” Instead of enhancing an organization’s image or reputation, you will most likely be enhancing an individual’s reputation. In this category you will also be promoting events ranging from football games to motion pictures.

Government and Politics
This area includes promotion of political issues though lobbying, work with politicians and dissemination of information about government activities.

Public Relations agencies
A public relations practitioner working at an agency can expect to be an external consultant to an organization. Work at an agency includes listening to the client’s needs and concerns, creating a PR plan and/or campaign and carrying the plan out in order to get the anticipated results. Evaluation of your PR plan is critical in order to prove to the organization that your agency is a vital part of the success of their business.

Some information from:
“Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics” 8th edition
D. Wilcox; G. Cameron; P. Ault; W. Agee

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