Senioritis: The Motivation Killer

If you're a senior graduating in a barely a month like me, you've probably got a particularly bad case of senioritis. I prefer to choose sleep or leisure over class, socializing over homework, and general laziness over everything. But while I might prefer to choose all the more fun aspects of college life over the … Continue reading Senioritis: The Motivation Killer

Three Non-traditional Takeaways from TU Invitational 2016

Temple PRSSA held their third annual TU Invitational on Saturday, Mar. 12. TU Invitational is a one- day, regional conference focused on public relations, marketing and the communication industry. It offers a variety of guest speakers to attendees, as well as a networking session with professionals from the region at the end. The theme this … Continue reading Three Non-traditional Takeaways from TU Invitational 2016

Help Me, I’m Stuck

As a member of the executive board, I am responsible for publishing a blog post every two weeks. This is a simple task, but sometimes I find myself struggling for inspiration. There are times I feel like I keep running into a brick wall when brainstorming for thoughtful ideas. I am dedicating this blog post … Continue reading Help Me, I’m Stuck

PR Lessons from “The Newsroom”

I made a list of goals I wanted to accomplish over my last and final winter break (tears). One of these goals was to catch up on a number of series that were pushed to the side all fall semester. I finished the entire series of HBO’s “The Newsroom” in a mere seven days. Isn’t … Continue reading PR Lessons from “The Newsroom”

The Top 5 Things Every PR Person Should Know About SEO

The world is becoming increasingly digital. More people are using the Internet to look for information and answer their questions. With mobile devices, people can access information at any moment during the day on search engines, such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing. As public relations professionals, it is becoming increasingly important to know, understand and … Continue reading The Top 5 Things Every PR Person Should Know About SEO

How to Make it Through Hell Week

If you're not currently in school, you might think that Hell Week is the same as Finals Week. In which case, you'd be dead wrong. For most of us college students, Hell Week is the week before Finals. I only have one final exam this year, but I have 470000 papers, projects, presentations, and quizzes … Continue reading How to Make it Through Hell Week

New Semester, New You

Back to school is officially in full swing. Every semester starts with a clean slate. For most of us aspiring PRos, a new internship has started as well. Here are some helpful tips to get you ready to conquer all responsibilities you have over these next few months. Fall Cleaning - How long has it … Continue reading New Semester, New You

Fake It ’till You Make It

"Fake it till you make it" might be a phrase you've heard in many places before, not just within the realm of communications. But, especially after my experiences last night, I've come to believe in its power as a way to get things done; to cut through all the proverbial red-tape and accomplish something. Or, … Continue reading Fake It ’till You Make It

The Unique Approach to Networking

I write to you from the lobby of the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington, D.C., site of the 2014 Public Relations Student Society of America National Conference. The wi-fi is slow, my hands are tired and my feet ache, but it's been an amazing weekend of hearing from our industries professionals, and my own peers … Continue reading The Unique Approach to Networking

How to Prepare for PRSSANC

Whenever you talk about the Public Relations Student Society of America National Conference, it always seems so far away, in the distant future. Even as recently as yesterday, I assumed I had a few more weeks until conference. BUT WAIT. It's this weekend. As in, 5 days from right now, you and I might be … Continue reading How to Prepare for PRSSANC