Tip of the Day

Today’s tip is about organization!

It’s definitely helpful if you’re organized. Many people may think that being “junky” works for them, but if you try it, you may find that being organized is a lot easier on you and your hectic life! It also looks better if you have to find a certain paper or information for your client or boss and you know exactly where to find it, instead of searching through a million things and risking the possibility of not being able to find it at all! Here are some ideas:

-Get a notebook and divide it into sections. Get a three-ring binder and the tab inserts/dividers from any office supply store. Give each section a name and put the different papers into the correct section. Also keep some space at the back for some plain, lined paper for taking notes or writing something down at the last minute.

-Having a daily/weekly planner helps a lot! This way you can write anything down and you’ll be able to have it all in one spot, instead of having to sift through piles of paper to figure out when your next meeting is.

-Post-it notes are great, especially if you need to remember something quickly. They come in bright colors so they’ll definitely stand out if something is important and they’re very convenient. Stick them on your desk, at the top of your computer screen, even in your planner, if there’s something you need to remember like calling a client or even e-mailing your mom!

-Most of all, figure out a system that works for you. One person’s way of organizing might not work for another person. Try different things out. You might not like having a three-ring binder. Maybe an accordion folder would work better. If you don’t like having a planner on you at all times, try out a digital calendar and have it send e-mails to you at the beginning of each day for reminders.

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