Stepping Away From The Screen: The Importance Of Face-to-Face PR

Technology is changing how professionals in the public relations industry communicate. While email and social media make connecting with key stakeholders more accessible, many professionals form relationships with clients without ever speaking to them in person. The disadvantage of technology is that it allows for PR professionals to hide behind their screens.  However, the best communicators understand the value of face-to-face public relations.
Communicating beyond the screen is essential to creating stronger and more personable relations. In our current culture of technology, public relations professionals are more transparent than ever before. It is essential for PR professionals to engage in meaningful conversations with clients that go beyond an email correspondence or a weekly account memo because it creates trust and credibility. Meeting regularly with clients allows you to clearly meet each other’s expectations, effectively reach decisions together and walk away with a sense of accomplishment.
Beyond transparency, making time to meet face to face with stakeholders shows that you care. It demonstrates that you are willing to walk away from the screen and take time out of your busy day to go above and beyond for your clients. Generally, there is a lot of miscommunication when professionals communicate strictly online. When you meet in person with a client, you can grasp how they feel based on their expressions and tone of voice which is primarily absent from online communication. Taking the time to discuss and plan with your client in person helps you better understand how to meet their needs.
Moving away from the screen, and creating a friendly presence for your clients is well worth the effort. We depend too much on technology to communicate, and often forget how rewarding it is to communicate in person.
How has communicating face-to-face improved your PR practices?
This guest blog was written by PRowl staff member Colleen Chase.

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