5 Tips To Becoming A Successful Transfer Student

While almost half of Temple University’s student population is made up of transfer students, its pretty safe to say that many students have had their start at another institution. Whether you’re coming from another University or from your local Community College, transferring can be an overwhelming process. So what do you do when you feel like a little fish in a big pond? These few tips will help you maneuver your way through what many may consider the awkward transfer stage and become more comfortable adjusting to your new college home.
Attend Orientation: No matter what year you’re starting in, one of the biggest thank yous you can give to yourself is attending transfer orientation. There are so many things you’ll be able to learn and questions you’ll be able to have answered just from attending orientation and getting to know your new school. After the orientation is over, utilize all the resources Temple has to offer for the day. Take a tour of the school, visit the advising office, and talk to faculty members. Their faces will become very familiar after sometime.  At some point, I suggest you stick around and explore the campus by yourself to become more familiar with your new environment. Knowing the campus will make the first day of school a lot easier and assure you’ll get to class on time.
Get to Know Your Classmates:  Getting to know your classmates is one of the easiest ways to adjust as a transfer student. No one likes to go through anything alone, so make friends along the way. Meeting people who know their way around and can teach you a few things about your school is always a good idea. When I first got to Temple there were so many things I didn’t know, such as how to print documents, what “Blackboard” was, and how to connect to wifi.  Luckily my classmates helped me learn the school and eventually everything became second nature. Linking with classmates makes learning the simple things, that much easier.
Don’t Be Afraid To Get Involved: Get involved with organizations related to your major. When I first transferred to Temple I knew I wanted to meet people that were in my major so I went on “Temple Search” and typed in “Public Relations Organizations”. Listed were all the opportunities that were available, so I decided to email for further information. Since joining I’ve met more people, have had the chance to have amazing volunteer experience. Just remember you’re never “too new” to get involved.
Take Advantage of Guest Speakers: When your teacher tells you that you’ll be having a guest speaker for the next class don’t take it as an invitation for a day off. Go to class and listen to what they have to say.  Use these opportunities to build relationships and hear important insights. Professionals love to share their experiences especially with college students.
Keep a close relationship with your advisor: Because you’re a transfer student things can get a little tricky when its time to transfer over your credits. Make sure you keep a close relationship with your advisor to ensure you’re on the right track for graduating and taking the right classes. Read your syllabus closely and if you feel like you’ve already taken a class that has a close relation to any of your requirements see what you can do to receive credit for that class.
It’s inevitable that transferring may feel overwhelming and some days you may feel lost than others. But just remember that eventually it will get easier and you’ll feel right at home. Always know that there are people all around the University that have walked in your shoes and are there to help you. Good luck and have great semesters to come!
This guest blog post was written by PRowl staff member Tai Virgil.

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