The Public Relations World of a Capella

A few of the many perks of joining a Temple student organization are that they are great resume boosters, they expose you to people who share similar interests as you, and they allow you to continue learning about something you love without required course credit. Temple’s a Capella groups do just that for both music majors and non-music majors. With four registered a Capella groups at Temple: Singchronize, Broad Street Line, Owlcapella, and Low Key, each group brings unique sounds and fun songs to the stage. These groups are filled with musicians who are passionate about their talent so much that they are willing to commit hours every week to rehearsing and performing. 
Though the musical aspects of a Capella are what really keep people a part of them, public relations is also vital to the groups’ credibility and audience capacity. So, each group collaborated to come up with a great PR tool that everyone can benefit from. This past semester, the a Capella family coordinated an event called Serenade at the Circle. It takes place around 10pm on the last Thursday of every month on campus. Each group performs two to three songs to display their musical abilities as well as to give the other a Capella groups a sense of what everyone has been working on. Not only has this built a stronger support system within the a Capella family, but it also draws in audience members from those passing through campus on a Thursday night. The turnout at this monthly event has gotten progressively larger, and is a great way for the groups to advertise upcoming performances. 
In addition to this fun event, each group is also responsible for promoting themselves as much as possible throughout the semester. This upcoming weekend, Singchronize and Broad Street Line will have their annual winter concerts Both groups have made Facebook events for the concerts, created flyers to post around Temple’s campus, and have passed on the event info to friends and family from home. The groups are expecting a great turnout and anticipate putting on a high quality, fun show for everyone to enjoy.
Public relations is a part of almost anything you get involved with at Temple as well as a future job. These a Capella groups have done their part to use public relations to their highest advantage. 
Are the organizations you are apart of using public relations effectively? Let us know how!
This guest blog post was written by PRowl Public Relations staff member Madeline Barry.

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