Romney vs. Obama: A Social Media Knockout

Thirty-four days and counting till the 2012 Presidential Election and the heat is on. Voters are more connected than ever with Facebook and Twitter but who is winning the social media race so far?

Let’s start with Romney and his team. The social media campaign, headed by Zac Moffatt, has led a team of 14 in the primaries to now managing 120 social media maintenance employees with the progression of the campaign.
“There is a higher level of expectation for speed than in past elections for getting information out, and the campaigns have to be that much faster, whether it’s through mobile or social media sites such as Google+,Facebook and Twitter,” Moffatt said in a Mashable article. “The Internet is a powerful thing, and not everyone is watching TV spots anymore, so we’re trying to use the web to our advantage the best way we can.”
Moffatt and his team are actively engaging the already 6 million followers with an expected millions more come closer to the election date.
Meanwhile, Presidents Obama’s team is keeping busy with its 20 million Twitter followers and 29 million Facebook fans, providing content such as registration information as well as articles, tweets, and stances on Romney’s various positions, responding quickly to the objections.
Additionally, Obama has been praised for his “Ask Me Anything” Q&A session on, setting a record with 200,000 viewers.

If you’re keeping score, it looks like Obama’s team has a major lead over Romney but anything can happen, it’s the election.

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