Avoiding PRofessional Fashion Faux Pas

With the summer months upon us, staying fashionable in the office while maintaining a professional look becomes an even tougher act to balance. In public relations, it is important that the professional present his or herself in a way that makes the client and boss feel comfortable. No one wants to sacrifice personal style for work, and if you keep these simple tips in mind, you won’t have to!
  • If you have to question it, don’t wear it: If you’re having doubts about how short that shirt really is or if a shirt is too bright for the office, don’t wear it. Chances are that your concerns will quickly become someone else’s concerns.
  • Less is more: Don’t overdo it with large jewelry or huge statement pieces. Try smaller accessories that still allow you to add a personal flare without being overwhelming.
  • Say no to shear: Shear blouses are a very popular trend with the ladies this summer, but keep it covered in the office. PR professionals tend to deal with many different clients on a daily basis. Your shirt blouse may be find with one client, but may offend another who has a more conservative style.
  • Keep a 911 kit: Accidents happen every day. Make sure you have a backup blouse and pair of shoes nearby incase of spills, rips, or tears. You should also have a sewing kit and sample sized hygiene products store in our desk to avoid embarrassing situations.
  • Check with the boss: If you really aren’t sure about what is and isn’t appropriate office attire, follow your bosses lead. It doesn’t get any more appropriate than the person in charge! Imitating the outfits of your boss or other superiors will keep you well within office dress code.
What fashion faux pas do you avoid in the office?

2 thoughts on “Avoiding PRofessional Fashion Faux Pas

  1. From one fashionista to another, so true!

  2. From a fellow fashionista, I love it!

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