Fashion Police & Guiliana Rancic: Crisis Comm 101

Recent comments from Fashion Police host Guiliana Rancic have caused the internet to buzz with commotion and cries for apology. In this recent episode of Fashion Police, a popular show on the E! network known for making snarky comments about celebrities and their attire, host Guiliana Rancic made some less than thoughtful comments about actress … Continue reading Fashion Police & Guiliana Rancic: Crisis Comm 101

What Brand Loyalty Means for PR

The power of branding has become more evident in recent years than ever before. A brand of coffee is no longer just "a brand" it becomes "my brand." In every category you could imagine, consumers are attaching themselves to what they believe are the heart and soul of the brands they love. Brand loyalty isn't … Continue reading What Brand Loyalty Means for PR

It’s Not Delivery, It’s Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea had a gripe to handle before heading to this year's Grammy Awards, and she took to social media to settle the score. After an issue with a Papa Johns Pizza employee who, according to Azalea, distributed her personal phone number to family members, Azalea tweeted at Papa Johns searching for answers. . @PapaJohns … Continue reading It’s Not Delivery, It’s Iggy Azalea

The Importance of Working Your Network

 As a pubic relations professional, no matter what stage of your career that you're in, you've likely heard a dozen times that PR is based off of relationships. Whether you're focusing on relationships with clients, coworkers or other professionals, these relationships will be the ones that make or break you.As you continue to grow in … Continue reading The Importance of Working Your Network

5 Ways to Network without Leaving Home

Public relations is, go figure, all about relationships. Between clients, co-workers, potential employers and other PR professionals. Putting yourself out there and creating valuable connections is a critical part of any public relations career journey. These relationships not only assist in sustaining you professionally, but personally as well. No one will understand your long hours, … Continue reading 5 Ways to Network without Leaving Home

PRowl is HIRING for Spring 2015!

PRowl is looking to add new and fresh talent to our firm! Since it's founding in 2008, PRowl has served not only as a means to provide quality services to it's clients, but also as a tool to help passionate and eager public relations students learn and hone their skills. PRowl provides real world experience … Continue reading PRowl is HIRING for Spring 2015!

Four PRo Tips For Job-Hunting Seniors

The holidays are over, the start of the semester is around the corner and reality is becoming more real. For seniors everywhere, the next few months will be filled with interviewing, resume critiques and (hopefully) receiving the perfect job offer to commemorate four years of hard work. Entering the "real world" can be a looming … Continue reading Four PRo Tips For Job-Hunting Seniors

Happy Honda Days from Skeletor

Twitter was abuzz with laughs and speculations yesterday when Honda's official Twitter account was seemingly hacked by none other than the cartoon villain, Skeletor. After taking over the brand's account, Skeletor made a few changes, editing their bio to read: "It is I, Skeletor! Master of the Universe, Internet, and now Honda's Twitter Account! Prepare … Continue reading Happy Honda Days from Skeletor

Consumer Engagement According to Beyoncé

(image source) It seems the battle for winner of the internet has a new victor, and unsurprisingly, it's Beyoncé, yet again. After snippets of new tracks from her recently released Platnium Edition Box set of the self-titled album (which she surprised released last winter), Beyoncé surprised us again with her music video, 7/11. Showcasing the … Continue reading Consumer Engagement According to Beyoncé

Job Hunt: Understanding Office Culture

Whether you're a senior gearing up to begin the infamous job hunt or a current student seeking out the perfect internship to hone your skills, there are so many factors which must be considered. Which city would you like to work in? Are you more interested in social media or media relations? How many hours … Continue reading Job Hunt: Understanding Office Culture