Dress Codes Explained: For Men

Like me, I am sure many of us guys out there have struggled to understand exactly what we are supposed to wear to an event, to work, for an interview, or even to a birthday party. Standards are constantly changing, but we can all take comfort in the fact that most of the 'traditional' standards … Continue reading Dress Codes Explained: For Men

Summer Internship Fashion

So, we have posted a blog directing our readers in the most fashionable way when it comes to dressing to impress for your summer internship interview. Although the first impression is most dreaded, some may wonder how to upkeep their professional and cool look all summer long. Philadelphia is no stranger to summer heat waves, … Continue reading Summer Internship Fashion

How To: Dress For A Summer Interview

With the temperature rising as we continue into the summer season, dressing for summer interviews gets a bit tricky. Summer is the season of bright colors, short-shorts, light tank tops and airy sundresses. Interviews call for dark hues, stiff blazers, long pants and stuffy button-down shirts. The best advice I have ever received in regards … Continue reading How To: Dress For A Summer Interview

Avoiding PRofessional Fashion Faux Pas

With the summer months upon us, staying fashionable in the office while maintaining a professional look becomes an even tougher act to balance. In public relations, it is important that the professional present his or herself in a way that makes the client and boss feel comfortable. No one wants to sacrifice personal style for … Continue reading Avoiding PRofessional Fashion Faux Pas

Dior Goes Digital

Christian Dior, one of the most recognizable couture fashion lines, goes digital with an online magazine.The brand recently suffered a major PR blow after former Dior director, John Galliano, gave a public anti-Semitic rant. The negative effects, including boycotting from major celebrities, resulted in an opportunity for Dior to expand to an online platform. The crisis communication … Continue reading Dior Goes Digital

Fashion PR 101

First things first, what is Fashion PR? Fashion PR helps establish and maintain mutual lines of communication, understanding, acceptance, and cooperation between an organization and its consumers in terms of fashion. Skills such as writing press releases, gathering research, and the ability to protect the interest of the company you work for are musts in … Continue reading Fashion PR 101

The Fashion Industry and its Glaring PR issue

It is no secret that from the outside looking in, the fashion industry has a major PR problem: most of its waiflike beauties have light complexions. This is to say, the fashion industry hires people that look like the majority of those who work in the industry. However, recent news has revealed an increase in … Continue reading The Fashion Industry and its Glaring PR issue

Ditch the Magazines and Hikes to the Mall and Just Get a Blog Already!

The PR fashion industry is always changing with the latest trends and yes, social media, of course. With the rise of instablogging sites such as Tumblr and Instagram, the publics' demand for instant user-friendly fashion is growing every day. Before, fashionistas and aspiring designers would turn to hard copy magazines to get their daily fix … Continue reading Ditch the Magazines and Hikes to the Mall and Just Get a Blog Already!

Fashion PR in Reality

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