Top 10 PR Blunders

Thanks to our own Jessica Lawlor, I was recently alerted to this interesting list that was compiled by San Francisco’s Fineman PR. It’s their 14th annual Top 10 PR Blunders list, and it’s a really great list for PR majors and practitioners to take a look at. 2008 was filled with blunders that many of us know about, but there were a few on the list that I needed to brush up on! Here are the top two blunders:

Number 1 Spot: AIG paying for retreats for executives just a few days after they were granted an $85 billion dollar federal bailout package.

Number 2 Spot: CEOs of the Big Three automakers flew to Washington in three separate corporate jets to ask for bailout money. PR Week reported that “it made the Big Three appear out of touch, and evoked memories of the AIG retreat controversy.”

Want to read all 10 blunders? Check out the article here!

*All information was taken from “AIG, Detroit Three, V.A. and Berkeley Featured Among Top 2008 PR Blunders” on PRNewswire.

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