Temple PRSSA Alumni Panel

Yesterday during Temple PRSSA's general meeting, members were given the opportunity to ask questions to former chapter members who have found great success in their post-graduate careers. The panel featured former PRSSA presidents Lindsay Bues (Public Relations Coordinator at Philabundance) and Jessica Lawlor (Internal Communication Coordinator at Cancer Treatment Centers of America) as well as … Continue reading Temple PRSSA Alumni Panel

Be Ready For Anything

As an entry level employee, I'm quickly learning how to be ready for anything. This sounds much more exciting than it really is, so let me explain.As an entry level employee at my company, I don't work on a specific account or only on one manager's projects. Each day I work with different managers, different … Continue reading Be Ready For Anything

Things I Didn’t Think I Would Have to Know

One of the things I loved about being a Communications major in college was that I was required to take any business classes and only two math classes. It wasn't until my senior year of college that the realization set in that I would someday have to figure out how to pay back my student … Continue reading Things I Didn’t Think I Would Have to Know

14 Days Into My First "Real" Job

Here I am almost done with my third full week of my "real" job and time is flying by. After the whirlwind of my last semester at Temple, graduation and post-graduation travel, I thought starting my full-time job would allow me to feel like my life was slowing down. Oh, I was so wrong.My first … Continue reading 14 Days Into My First "Real" Job

Introducing our New "Alumni Thursday" Blog Series!

It's official.... after Brianna Fisher's popular "Hello Real World, it's Nice to Meet You" post, we have decided to bring back a few other of the fabulous grads for our new "Alumni Thursday" blog series throughout the summer. We will have three PRowl Public Relations alumni writers: Brianna Fisher, Melissa Marsili and Crystal Wang.All three … Continue reading Introducing our New "Alumni Thursday" Blog Series!

What I’ve Learned About Pitching

Over the past few years at PRowl Public Relations I've had the great opportunity of pitching many different publications with many different stories. It hasn't always been easy, it hasn't always worked, but I've learned so much. Since graduation is Thursday, I thought I'd share my tips for pitching before I'm an alum!1. Give them … Continue reading What I’ve Learned About Pitching

Auction Time

The Philadelphia Inquirer and The Daily News will be auctioned off to new owners today. There are three parties interested in the publications so far. "Pending negotiations with the newspaper company's 4,000 unionized workers are already casting a long shadow over the auction, which will take place in the private offices of a law firm … Continue reading Auction Time

The Importance of Volunteering

I love volunteering. I've always liked the idea of giving some of my time to an organization I feel passionately about, or one that I want to learn more about. I've volunteered at clean-ups, as a Big in the Big Brothers, Big Sisters program, for PR events, and many more. Here are a few reasons … Continue reading The Importance of Volunteering

20 Things You Should Share on Social Media

People share all kinds of things on social media, but how many people question if they are sharing the right things? I found this article posted today on Ragan.com. It's a post from Jeffbullas's blog about things that you should share on social media. Here are some examples of things he says to post. Do … Continue reading 20 Things You Should Share on Social Media