Why Springtime Is the Best for Companies

Spring has sprung; time for warmer days, blooming flowers, and great PR tactics from companies engaging with their audiences. This time of year is fantastic for companies wanting to promote new products to the public with aesthetic images and views. The nice weather also leads customers to venture out of their homes and onto the streets and purchase new items. Let’s see how they go about doing this.

As a beauty lover, I love to see the new products that beauty companies come out with during the rise of spring. The colors and the packaging is all aesthetically pleasing, which results in consumers purchasing products more. One company in mind that highlights new seasons with its products heavily is Bath and Body Works. During the springtime, you will see images of flowers, bunnies, and all things spring filled across their website with a new release of Bath and Body Works products. During the springtime, consumers will see beauty/home items that celebrate Easter and the return of floral scents.

You may have heard of the term “Spring Cleaning” around the media for centuries, which leads people to believe in a refreshing new start from the cold, cloudy months before spring. This idea of spring cleaning leads consumers to purchase more new items for a fresh start, satisfying them by feeling motivated. I find this to be true myself because, in the spring, I tend to purchase more items due to the nice packaging and having a new start.

Overall, spring is a season of starting new and feeling refreshed. Companies benefit from this by consumers seeing constant ads for new spring products, ranging from cleaning products to beauty products. Spring is a great season for a new range of success for companies to release brand new products to start the warmer days.

Julia Hinfey, Account Associate


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