All I Want for Christmas Is Everything: How Capitalism Stole Christmas

It’s no secret that capitalism has taken over Christmas. A religious holiday rooted in the tradition of celebrating the miracle of Jesus Christ has turned into an entire month of mass consumerism. Don’t get me wrong; showing your appreciation for a friend or family member through giving a thoughtful gift embodies the magical spirit of Christmas. However, the great lengths corporations and consumers go to give these gifts is how capitalism stole Christmas.

While all holidays have become capitalized, Christmas’ shift towards consumers has been the most intense. The consumer-driven Christmas reveals itself in inescapable sales, advertisements, and “once in a lifetime” deals and has been for decades. More than 40 years ago, in December of 1982, Pope John Paul II proclaimed that such a sacred holiday was transforming into a “feast of useless waste” and “easy consumerism.” Such a statement still holds true today, except with even more intensity.

What does this mean for public relations professionals? Well, public relations professionals are always busy, and the holiday season is no exception. There are parties for hosting, marshmallows for toasting, and clients for pitching so that they get that perfect press coverage just in time for the holiday season. In a world where everything is still not enough, PR professionals should continue to use paid, earned or shared means to highlight their client’s products or services. Besides this, public relations professionals should encourage their clients to give back and participate in the true spirit of Christmas. Whether through hosting a volunteer event, donating to charity, or providing helpful anecdotes during the holidays. Participating in the spirit of giving will not only be the right thing to do during the holiday season, but it will also result in receiving.

Hannah Hughes, Account Executive

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